October 22nd, 2019

The 22nd Tunisian participation at ANUGA Trade Fair 2019, the world’s leading food fair, has scarred by a good cooperation and exceptional achievements between CPEPEX and SIPPO in Cologne-Germany from 5 to 9 October.

SIPPO program has worked with its partner CEPEX to strengthen the business opportunities and explore new markets for Tunisian exporters at this edition at ANUGA.

Under the lead of the CEPEX and the SIPPO support , the companies have benefitted from coaching to develop their skills in trade fair participation in particular, and to enhance their positioning in target and new markets in more general way.

Through SIPPO Program, the CEPEX was able to provide a new strategy in their service of business support and export promotion, through which, our CEPEX partner has successfully built their own capacity in terms of market access activities, as well as their connection to an extensive network of potential buyers and reliable contacts.

SIPPO has also reinforced the Tunisian Cooking Show by involving international consultant in National Pavilion to promote Dates and its Derivatives.

SIPPO has boosted the participation of its partner from 3 countries: Tunisia, South Africa and Peru, in this edition of ANUGA Trade Fair by bringing together all relevant stakeholders from partner BSOs in workshops on the thematic of communication and sales tools.